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This is the dealer pic of my Lexus IS300. I asked the dealer to remove but he didn't want to 'risk damaging the paint'.

After hours of scouring the internet, I learned that people used all kinds of solvents such as lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, and a multitude of other posionous shite. I decided to take a leap of faith with the EASY OFF Oven Cleaner in the yellow can. A potential $4,000 mistake. Here's the basic supplies: one can of Easy Off Oven Cleaner original formula, a box of Q Tips, a bucket of cold water, a wash cloth, and a pair of rubber gloves. The oven cleaner is some strong stuff and you don't want to get it on your skin. It will burn you.

Here's a front quarter shot from the left showing the pinstriping. Doesn't actually look too bad. But wait, there's more...

A shot from the other side. You can see how it could get annoying as each days passes.

A monogram! wtf?

Another shot of the rear quarter panel.

Umm, ok... In case I forget it's a Lexus!

So what I did is spray the oven cleaner into a glass cup. Then dipped the Q tip into the chemical and applied liberally onto the pinstripe. I kept the oven cleaner as far away from the car as possible as it will harm aluminum rims etc...

There it is...

Let it sit for a while.

notice the chemical do its job. I didn't leave the oven cleaner on for more than 4 minutes at a time. Use plenty of water to wash the chemical off. If necessary, reapply the chemical and repeat the process until all traces of the pinstripe is gone.

It's working!

Use Q tip to facilitate the removal of the pinstripe. But don't go nuts or you may scratch the clearcoat. Notice I used plenty of water since its very free.


No visible damage to the clearcoat. But who knows down the line... It's a risk i'm willing to take.

much better.


Be sure to thoroughly wash and wax after this procedure.

DISCLAIMER: This page is intended for informational purposes only. I just wanted to share my experience since there's no good page for removing hand painted pinstripes on the internet. What you do to your car is totally up to you. I am in no way responsible if something horrific happens. Try this procedure at your own risk!